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Musings of a librarian, former archivist, musician, bibliophile, and tech-obsessed.

Entries in Workshops (3)


Data Curation Lecture in the DC Area

The Digital Practices Committee of WRLC has organized this lecture by Scott Brandt. It has now be opened to all to encourage additional attendance in the area. From the WRLC Newsletter:

Event: Data Curation Profiles & Libraries 

Do you want to know more about cyber infrastructure and data management?  Are you curious about what the library’s role is in this burgeoning area?  How can librarians and researchers work together to make research outputs available?  How do researchers figure out who should share what with whom, and when? Then plan to attend:

Data Curation Profiles & Libraries,

presented by D. Scott Brandt
October 17, 2011
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Room 207, Gelman Library
George Washington University

Scott Brandt, Associate Dean for Research at the Purdue University Libraries, is an internationally acknowledged expert in data curation.  For additional information on this program hosted by The Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC), please contact Martha Whittaker (  The program is open to all but space is limited.  Please RSVP to ( by October 7, 2011.

Scott Brandt is currently acting director of the Distributed Data Curation Center at Purdue (D2C2)  The D2C2 is the recipient of an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) 21st Century Grant to create a Data Curation Profile Tool Kit.  The Tool Kit helps librarians work with scholars to capture general requirement for specific data generated by a researcher.  The profiles enable librarians and others to make informed decisions when managing research data. For more information, check out the Center’s website:

Outline of the Program
Data Curation Profiles & Libraries

  • Evolution of Scholarly Communication
  • New Role
  • Data Context

Dealing with Data: Deluge or Déjà vu?
Data Curation Basics
Data Curation Profiles:

  • Research Behind Them
  • DCP Toolkit
  • Examples

Going Forward:

  • Data Reference
  • Data Consulting
  • Data Instruction

Wrap-up and Q&A period


Library of Congress Preservation Series--Optical Scanning Lecture

I love living in the DC area! Archivists have so many great (and free) opportunities!

I attended the Library of Congress Preservation Presentation "Optical Scanning Applied to Recorded Sound Preservation and Access: Status and Prospects." Basic notes follow: (the lecture slides will be available here)


Dr. Haber, experimental physicist specializes in the development of instrumentation and methods for detecting and measuring particles. These techniques led to a partnership with the Library of Congress and other international sound collections for sound restoration through the physics of sound. His team specializes in cylinder, disc, and dictabelt restoration. Currently works at Berkeley with physicists, electrical engineers, and computer science faculty and students.


Project history:

Improvements in IRENE (2-D imaging):

  • Now higher speed camera (takes more pictures of groove, faster)
  • Creates several GB raw file
  • Best for discs because depth of groove is constant, sound is linear

3-D Imaging:

  • Confocal scanning probe
    • Different colors mean different depths in a groove
  • Best for cylinder scanning because depth varies in grooves

Many improvements in software/hardware.

  • Papers available at
  • Creating more samples for better average depth of groove and better sound
  • Also using on discs, now
  • Disc reflectivity does create issues (the light from the scanner gets reflected twice and skews results)

Special Studies (to test limits with more rare recordings and improve techniques):

  • Experimenting with field recordings-ethnographic studies (cylinders)
    • More problems because usually stored in less than ideal conditions
  • Vertical Edison Diamond and Vertical Pathe Discs
  • Berliner Discs
    • 3-D and IRENE tested
  • Early experimental recordings from the mid-1800s
  • Dictation Belts
    • Presidential phone conversations
    • Format is non-archival and has many preservation issues

ATMLA Conference and Pre-Conference Workshops

I'm no longer a member of MLA--my professional goals diverted and I had to make a choice of paying for audio archives memberships or music library memberships. Anyway, I still watch that world, and the upcoming meeting of ATMLA (Atlantic Chapter of MLA) is having its annual meeting in DC, specifically at American University. They are holding super cheap pre-conference workshops on reference, sound recording cataloging, and acquisition:

The early registration fee of $15 has been extended to Wednesday, October 6.


Music Librarianship: Just the Basics

Friday, October 15, 2010

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

American University

Washington, DC

The Atlantic Chapter of the Music Library Association (ATMLA) and American University invite you to join us for workshops on music reference, sound recording cataloging and music collection development. 

The workshops are a pre-conference to  ATMLA’s chapter meeting and part of the Music Library Association's Educational Outreach Program.  The program provides workshops on the basics of music librarianship to individuals working in or considering a career in libraries.

The workshops will be offered concurrently, and led by practicing music librarians.  Pre-conference participants are invited to attend a luncheon and the ATMLA chapter meeting immediately following the pre-conference.  The cost is included in the $20 registration fee

($15 early registration available until October 6).

For more information and to register, see the ATMLA chapter meeting website:

Or contact:

Nobue Matsuoka-Motley

American University  

(202) 885-3465