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Musings of a librarian, former archivist, musician, bibliophile, and tech-obsessed.

Entries in SAA 2011 (3)


#SAA11: Saturday

I'm sitting at O'Hare, waiting for my flight. I didn't want to take a chance with Hurricane Irene and in case my flight gets cancelled, I'm here to pester them to get on another flight. I'm among many east coast archivists waiting... Anyway...

This morning I attended two sessions before I had to leave for the airport. If I waited any later, I could have been late. I attended sessions 503 and 601. 503 was great because I got to hear in person some of the information that I've been researching for the DPC concerning archival collaborations and consortiums. I now realized why there are two versions of the California Digital Library (OAL and Calisphere), and why NCEcho has very basic metadata for their projects (they're a separate institution working with many smaller institutions, some of which have no full-time staff, and they needed a very simple schema to make their program feasible across their community).

I'm glad I ended with session 601, Rappin' with a Fiddle. The session focused on music collections, unfortunately, not much audio, but the manuscript collections (including awesome avant garde music manuscripts) were very interesting! Most impressive was the Tupac Shakur Collection at the Atlanta University Center.

I can't wait until I get home so I can do some further research into all of these collections!

Also, for all the great archivists I met this week, please stay in touch, especially if you need any a/v advice!


#SAA11: Monday and Tuesday

I arrived Monday, early afternoon, got settled in the Hyatt, and started to explore the hotel and the surrounding areas. Upon trying to check in, I met an awesome archivist named Rachel, and she and I went to get some food at the conveniently-located grocery store only one block away. Then, my roomie Rona and I decided to get some Chicago deep dish pizza (phenomenal!), and to walk off the calories, we went for a walk on the Riverwalk. Chicago is gorgeous! We ended up at the House of Blues (great music!). Two guys thought we were with their conference group and we ended up explaining to them what archivists do.

Most of Tuesday I was in the Preserving Digital Archives workshop. The content was good, I learned some and some was a good review, but the instructor April was great! Even though the class was 7 hours of sitting, it was stimulating, thoughtful, and the entire class was laughing. Thanks April, for making learning about preserving born-digital materials interesting! (More specifics on this later.)

After getting some snacks at the room, Rona and I went out to explore and try and get on the Architecture Boat Tour. The box office was closed, so we decided to walk down the opposite way on the Riverwalk, and ended up at Navy Pier... Where the Architecture Tour boats were still taking tours. We did a great tour at dusk which ended at night, with the city lighting up before our eyes! Our tour guide Jeff, was great, knew a lot about the city's architecture, and had some recommendations for us (go to the John Hancock building for the best view of the city, not the Sears Tower). We then found Forever Marilyn, took some pictures with her, and went home.

Today, I take the ACA exam, will try to squeeze a tour in before the roundtables, and maybe will go to the John Hancock building!


It's an Archivist's Party!

Okay, not really, but in order to make SAA more affordable in a week-and-a-half, I will be rooming with three other young professionals. One was a former student of mine and current friend, the second, one of her former interns who attended UMD, and their third, a current UMD PhD student. Oddly enough, the pairings were completely random except for my former student and I. I met with my former student and her former intern last night for dinner and drinks and had a blast. We talked shop, we talked current jobs, we talked future aspirations, we talked past and future travel, tattoos, and Sci-fi. After spending time socializing with these ladies, I can definitely say that SAA is going to be one great party!