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Musings of a librarian, former archivist, musician, bibliophile, and tech-obsessed.

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Project Planning-Audio Digitization

I have been reading Sound Directions: Best Practices for Audio Preservation and IASA's Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects in preparation of planning not only an audio digitization project, but planning audio digitization standards for the CUA Archives.

I became quite overwhelmed from all the technical terms and processes today, so I decided to take a quick step ahead and do some project planning, based on logical steps taken while developing a normal digitization plan (names have been eliminated for privacy). Am I missing anything, at least in the preliminary stages? Anything I won't discover while doing the rest of my reading?

Project Plan for the School of Music Audio Digitization Program

People Involved:
Robin C. Pike, Audio Visual Archivist
Audio Visual Archivist’s student assistant
Possible practicum students or other student workers
Head Archivist and Associate Archivist, supervisors
Music Librarians
Other technical support staff?


a. Inventory A/V Equipment
i. Student Assistant creates inventory and shelflist
ii. I update Shelflist database

b. Set up equipment to MAC
i. Consult music librarians
ii. Reel player is priority
iii. Might need new analog to digital convertor
iv. Set up other audio equipment and possibly VHS/Beta, later

c. Organize Audio Materials
i. Work with Music Library and CPIT to accession rest of collection
ii. Research standards for cataloging audio
iii. Create cataloging schema
iv. Order re-housing supplies
v. Process Collection
- Student Assistant and student workers create inventory
-- Student workers note preservation concerns
- Re-house collection
- Student Assistant and student workers research and write history of the Music Department; consult with Music Librarians
- Student Assistant and other student workers create rest of finding aid parts

d. Research Digitization and Digital Preservation
i. ARSC sources, namely Sound Directions and IASA Guidelines book
ii. Set in-house standards and methods
iii. Order and set up preservation formats


a. Preservation
i. Preservation notes from processing used
ii. Preserve materials as preparation for digitization

b. Digitization
i. Clean and oil machine well, and frequently
ii. Clean materials prior to preservation
iii. Digitize using Audacity or iLogic Express
iv. Save to formats, etc.

a. Upload to Web server
i. via WRLC? Omeka? Other?

a. Work with people in charge of Web server
b. Monitor preservation masters, and original