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Musings of a librarian, former archivist, musician, bibliophile, and tech-obsessed.

Entries in Grants (5)


More Grant Progress

The PAC has completed the narrative (other than last-minute proofing), and has also completed some of the other sections needed for the application. It's a good feeling, especially since I came in today from a five-day break and had to jump on all the emails that were sent when I was out. We had to add information to the section concerning the consultant, and then had delete almost one more page. More language has been deleted from this narrative than it contains!

Onto the other application parts!


Grant Progress

The PAC has nearly completed our grant! We've nearly solidified our decision of the vendor, and almost have the narrative to the requisite five pages (only a half page to cut!). Monday is the day for completion, and submitting it to our directors for letters of support. It's amazing we've gotten so much done in such a short period!


Changing Grant Standards

Every Monday, I spend time catching up on the listserv digests from Friday and the weekend. A pleasant surprise was in the AMIA listserv. NEH has updated some of the guidelines for the Humanities Collections and Reference Resources grant. Particularly interesting is that the grants now pay for digitization in addition to normal activities such as cataloging, preservation. What's more, quoting directly, including the bold font: "Major studies of cultural heritage repositories have cited sound recordings and moving images as formats that are seriously endangered. This grant program encourages applications that address the preservation and access needs of such sources. Applicants may request funds to establish intellectual and physical control of such materials as well as to digitize them."

This type of grant will be perfect for several of our collections, namely an audio collection. Time to start the proposal process...


"Hard Drive" Crash

My challenge today: editing information from eight institutions into one part of the grant narrative. And that's only one part of this grant! While writing a grant for a consortium storage facility is pretty innovative (no one on the committee has seen one in their years of reviewing grants), I now think I know why they aren't written. It's difficult enough to compile information from various people at one institution, as experienced last year during the Archive's grant attempt. Creating one voice from multiple institutions has pretty much turned my mind to mush.

The deadline is looming and we need enough time to review it in order to submit it on time. I'm looking forward to next week when this narrative has to be completed.


How to Write a Grant in Less than a Month

1) Have no choice. Find out about the project and the applicable grant about one month before the grant is due.

2) Make sure the grant requires a short narrative. A twenty-page narrative grant will only cause immense amounts of hair pulling.

3) Write by committee. Force said committee to brainstorm and write narrative parts during two-hour meetings. Writing a grant with others, does come with a moderate risk of hair pulling, but writing a grant by yourself is more likely to cause said injury.

4) For the portions that cannot be written during meetings, nag committee members incessantly to submit said parts.

5) Edit heavily so that said parts do not resemble aforementioned parts.

6) Submit and cross fingers.


(For archivists with little sense of humor, this entry is satire.)