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Musings of a librarian, former archivist, musician, bibliophile, and tech-obsessed.

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When I was much younger, before I had contemplated becoming an archivist, I had computer nerd friends that I would seek advice from whenever I needed help with my computer. I didn't pay attention when configuring software, or making the computer run more efficiently, or anything else. I basically used software for school assignments and that was the extent. I was creative, so I knew how to make Word docs look pretty, and could make changes to a document in a program as simple as Paint. I played games with friends. I was a musician and didn't need to know how the computer worked.

Then, I went to library school and I realized that I needed to learn as much as was mentally possible from my computer friends in HTML, XML, databases, software configuration, etc., because in order to make something work in an archive, I at least had to know how to talk to an IT professional. In my current position, I help configure the EAD software we use on all of the staff computers during updates, on student computers during internship experiences (if they want to use their own computer), and most recently, on other computers within the library for staff who want to use the same program and templates that we use. I never knew how much I would need to know, or even how much I had picked up by hanging out with my computer nerd friends in high school and college, but knowing what I know now makes my job easier and allows me to play a more active role in making technological decisions for my archive.

I'm not sure if all archivists and librarians find themselves in this position, but I'm glad I have adapted to the needs of my job and in my field. Knowing what I know makes my job and even this website possible!


Just because I'm an A/V techie...


Just because I'm an A/V techie, doesn't mean I'm a computer techie. My cheat sheet (brought to you by comics: