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Musings of a librarian, former archivist, musician, bibliophile, and tech-obsessed.

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Project Promotion

So you've worked really hard on a new digital collection. How do you promote the collection, your work, and the archives?

I processed and managed the creation of the digital collection (through consortium services) for the First Vatican Council Photograph Album, a large, bound collection of 731 albumen prints created between 1869-1870 of the Vatican Council I attendees. I also created a finding aid for this collection (as that is in-house policy).

Because this collection is the only known album of its kind, and it is in fairly good condition, I talked to my bosses about creating a separate brochure for this digital collection through the University Publications Office (something that had never been done). I also promoted the collection by having a short online story when the finding aid went live in May through the University Office of Public Affairs, and I started planning a reception to coincide with the 140th anniversary of the beginning of the Vatican Council I sessions.

For this reception, I worked with the Education Archivist, who has coordinated lecture/receptions before. Through her connections in history, she secured a speaker on the history of the Vatican Council I sessions. I tried to secure a historical photo expert, but apparently, a lot of the experts in the area have prior commitments at that time, so I will be giving a short explanation of the album instead.

I created an invitation, had students compile an address list including offices, departments, and local religious institutions and universities, and sent the invitations. The invites were sent to serve as invitations to the reception and as a promotion to the university community that would not normally attend but might be interested in the digital collection (like the Board of Trustees).

Today I approved the final proof on the brochure and mailed the majority of the invitations. I also created a PowerPoint to scroll through a selection of photos in the background during the presentation. Hopefully the brochures are back in time because the reception is the perfect first opportunity to hand out the brochures.

December 9, 4-6pm, I think (hope) I'm ready to go!